Saudi Arabia: Rekaaz aims to engender forgiveness among youth


The Saudi non-governmental organization, Rekaaz, aims to instil values among youth aged 15 to 25 through its campaign on forgiveness, scheduled for next year.

“We are drawing up a plan for activities for 2014 and we are working on courses in Arabic on forgiveness in various schools, colleges and universities in the Saudi capital,” Project Manager Mohammad Al-Hudaib told Arab News.

Forgiveness will be the theme of all Rekaaz projects next year. It will invite famous speakers and teachers for the courses.

“Rekaaz will not be paid since it is an NGO but will receive a plaque of recognition for believing in our vision and for sharing their valuable time and effort with us,” said Al-Hudaib, who is an engineer at a local firm.

He added that forgiveness will help carry out the main goal of Rekaaz, which is to imbue good values among young Saudis and other Arab-speaking youth so that they will grow up to be responsible citizens.

For the past five years, the themes of Rekaaz’s projects have included emphasizing respect for mothers, developing self-esteem, fostering the desire to succeed in life and instilling a sense of responsibility toward society.

“If all these values, including forgiveness, are inculcated in the young minds of the youth, they become good members of society, Rekaaz’s efforts won’t have been in vain,” he said.


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