Saudi women put their foot down to defy driving ban

The Independent: by Deema Almashabi, Glen Carey –

A group of Saudi Arabian women plan to protest today against the world’s only ban on female drivers.

Organisers are urging women across the country to take to the roads. The group, named the “26th October Women’s Driving Campaign,” called on the government to provide “a valid and legal justification” for maintaining the ban, and “not simply defer to social consensus”, according to its website. More than 16,000 people signed an online petition in support.

King Abdullah has expanded the rights of women in the world’s biggest oil exporter, but not as quickly as many would have liked. The king, who faces opposition from traditionalist clerics and their followers, opened the first coeducational university, named the first female deputy minister and said women can vote and run in municipal elections.



2 replies

  1. Now or never. To get rights one has to offer some sacrifice. Astonishing the efforts abandoned. Come on Saudi women wake up and stand to get your rights.

  2. to all these Saudi mullah’s you would have more free time on your hands to do more important things besides chauffer women around from grocery stores, to clinics to work , to family functions , to parent teacher meetings to this place and that place if you just allow these women to drive and transport themselves to and from. Goodness sake what would happen to some of these poor women if they didn’t have male relatives to chauffer them around. Oh!!! I forgot , they can ride bicycles now, really!!!! which would be a more appropriate method of transportation for them? But then again to all you Saudi women , I have to admit it is more classy to have men be in the driver seat chauffeuring you around or fixing that tire or going to gas stations for oil and gas etc. Believe me a lot of women in the west since they took off their skirts and dresses and put on the pants don’t have that luxury you have anymore so stop complaining other than for the practical reasons in todays world I say let the men deal with the headache of driving you around .

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