Bangladesh Parliament member sentenced to death for crimes against Hindus

Source: Washington Post

By Richard S. Ehrlich| Religion News Service,October 03, 2013
RNS () — A court in Muslim-majority Bangladesh sentenced an Islamist member of Parliament to death for genocide and other crimes against Hindus during the country’s 1971 war for independence.

Salahuddin Chowdhury is the first opposition party member of Parliament to be convicted by the Dhaka-based International Crimes Tribunal.

Prosecutors accused him of committing atrocities against Hindus and forcefully converting a number of Hindus to Islam, the British Broadcasting Corporation reported.

“We are of the unanimous view that the accused deserves the highest punishment for committing such crimes that tremble the collective conscience of mankind,” said the tribunal’s chairman, Justice Fazle Kabir.

Chowdhury, 64, must “hang until death,” Kabir told the court on Tuesday (Oct. 1).

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3 replies

  1. The only language fanatics and self styled ‘gods’ can understand, Pakistan should follow the example to save its sovereignty.

  2. Peace comes through Justice. The path to Justice is blocked in Pakistan by the Constitutional amendments. The government is not bold enough to amend the constitution or to face the trouble makers. I say well done “Bangladesh”.

  3. Pakistan’s Justice system must learn lesson from Justice system of Bangladesh.
    Hon Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftekhar Chudhery Sahib have had taken several “NOTICES” on different ISSUES in last several years.
    I take this opportunity to request Chief justice Sahib to review all these notices and resolve before leaving for retirement

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