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Spanish Translation of Holy Qur’an

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Friday Sermon by the Caliph of Islam

Mezquita Basharat de la Comunidad Ahmadía del Islam en Pedro Abad, Córdoba, España

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Translations of Holy Quran

Hazrat Mirza Masrur Ahmad: Antes de fundar esta Yama’at (comunidad) el día 23 de marzo de 1889, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad anunció y publico las diez condiciones del Bai’at (iniciación) para todos aquellos que deseaban unirse a su comunidad. Estas condiciones recogen la esencia del islam de una manera hermosa y establecen un sublime código de conducta para los millones de musulmanes áhmadis de hoy.

Las 10 condiciones del Baiat

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islam allah
El Islam es la religión que representa la cima de la evolución religiosa.Más… Allah, el Único, Ser Superior, también conocido como Dios en otros credos.Más…
el santo profeta mohammad mesias prometido hazrat mirza ghulam ahmad
El Islam es la religión que representa la cima de la evolución religiosa.Más… Allah, el Único, Ser Superior, también conocido como Dios en otros credos.Más…  

Artículos de Fe

Cinco Pilares
articulos de fe islam Unidad de Dios
Sus Ángeles
 Sus Libros
Sus Profetas
El Dia del Juicio
El Decreto Divino
pilares del islam Kalema

8 replies

  1. Assalaam-o-alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

    dear brothers in islam
    we hail you greating in islam
    we have see the good deeds you are given the islam naighbohood

    we are alsoa abrothrer hood ogrganaisation in africa
    ghana inside the city kumasi , our reason of contacting you is that we are also spreading the word fo allah
    so we need you help of translated qurans and non translated qurans so we can help buit agret islam foundation and allah will suerlly bless you .

    you brother / haruna rashid umar
    + 233245854237

    al irshad al khairiya association
    p o box ks 13784 adum
    kumasi -ghana
    e -mail ; hairiya784@yahoo.com

    • Dear brother Haruna: There is a mission of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Kumasi and also Accra. You can get these translations directly from there.

  2. We are invite to you to READ

    “THE PROPHET” of Alberto Rivera”

    the islam was created by “Roman Catholic institution”
    The “Roman Catholic institution always wanted to move to Jerusalem
    Khadijah was a wealthy Arab and faithful follower of the pope had given his wealth to the “Mother Church” and had retired to a convent.

    While he was there gave him a strange task, his job was to find a “brilliant young man” who “the Vatican could use” to create a new religion and be the messiah of the children of “Ishmael” soon found Muhammad and married.

    Waraquah Khadijah’s cousin, who as she was a very faithful Catholic, had a tremendous influence on (Muhammad) the Vatican put in the delicate position as counselor mahoma.

    Rome had found his man, and money was not an obstacle. He was sent teachers to Mohammed young, who underwent intensive training. Soon he devoured the “works of St. Augustine” (the founder of the Jesuit order) under the teaching of Waraquah and became devoted to them. This was preparing for his “great calling.”

    Following orders from the Vatican, Catholic Arabs of North Africa, they began to spread the story that a “big man” would rise between peoples and would be the chosen of God.

    (Meanwhile Muhammad is told that Jews were enemies) This satanic teaching is believed today among Muslims around the world.

    Waraquah (Catholic cousin of Muhammad’s wife) was deeply involved in the interpretation of the visions that Muhammad received … and with time everything came out: The holy book of “Islam” called “Quran” which contains many of the writings of “Muhammad”

    But still there “Muhammad unpublished works” are in the hands of “religious High Range” “ayatollahs” in the Islamic faith.

    These writings are well saved because it contains information that connects the “Vatican” with “the formation of Islam.” Each side has much information about the other … that if discovered, would create a disastrous scandal to both religions

    “The Vatican helped finance” those Islamic armies in exchange for three special favors:

    1. Eliminate the Jews and Christians (true believers, they called infidels)
    2. Protect the Augustinian monks and Catholics.
    3. Conquer Jerusalem for “Holiness in the Vatican”

    And the story continues …

    Today the pope is still desperately trying to gain control of Jerusalem. The goal has not changed. Jerusalem fall into the hands of the pope, and will help Muslim nations.

    Muslim crowds have set their sights on their “religion and Muhammad” (whose body is buried in Medina) and with all his heart facing “the Mecca awaiting salvation”

    “And Rome is guilty of this crime indescible”

    in the apocalypse “the institution is described as the great whore of all the abominations”

    NO WORSE THAN BLIND will not see

    More truths about Mohammed in Robert Spencer’s book “The Truth About Muhammad”

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