MALAYSIA: Ahead of appeal, PAS okays non-Muslim use of ‘Allah’

SHAH ALAM, Oct 12 — Non-Muslims cannot be forced to exclude the word “Allah” when practising their respective faiths, PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said today, ahead of Monday’s highly-anticipated court decision on the protracted dispute between Christians and Muslims here.

But the Islamist leader stressed that although there was nothing wrong with non-Muslims using the Arabic word, it should not be misused or misinterpreted.

“There is no law that does not allow other people to use the word ‘Allah’ but if they interpret it wrongly to Muslims, they need to answer because Allah means he is the only god to be worshiped,” Abdul Hadi told reporters after launching the seminar on implementing Syariah laws in Malaysia at the University of Selangor.

“We can only use his laws but if they use the word Allah, but they don’t use his laws, that’s not right either,” he added.

The much-awaited decision on whether or not the Catholic weekly publication The Herald can use the word “Allah” will be delivered by the Court of Appeal on Monday.

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3 replies

  1. Here go the mullahs again – trying to read minds and jumping to conclusions that they have no business doing. Even of sitting in judgment of how the word Allah is used.

    It’s totally between the ‘user’ and His/Her Maker – nobody else’s!

    Can this ‘islamist’ please give the world even one reference from the Holy Qur’an or hadith to support his claim, please?

  2. That Islamist has no support from the Quran. It is better for the Muslims that other faiths use the word “Allah” for God Almighty. There is no harm. At least, they will be close to the Islamic terminology about the Creator.

    It is quite foolish for the Malaya maulvis to try to press on for a wrong thing. They should realize that the Christians in Arab countries are using the word “Allah” in their books for a very long time. It is a sort of victory for the Muslims and not any loss.

    The maulvis should stop making false excuses.

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