Pakistan Tightens Internet Controls, Civil Surveillance


Source: Tasmeemme Blog

ISLAMABAD — In recent years, Pakistani authorities have been blocking some websites accused of blasphemy or threatening internal security.  But critics say those efforts are expanding, and the government is trying to shape online political discussions, curbing the public’s access to information and broadening online surveillance.

The Internet is popular in Pakistan.  Those who can, spend hours on social media or watching music videos, Hollywood updates, movies, sports and news.

But try clicking on YouTube, and it all grinds to a halt.  YouTube is banned in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s government blocked YouTube after riots broke over a video lampooning the Prophet Muhammad.

Internet user Muhammad Iqbal said he agreed with the initial ban.  But that it has gone on too long.

“Right now, this ban is totally useless.  And I think the government must take steps to take off the ban on YouTube and go forward,” he said.

According to the latest Freedom House report, Pakistan currently blocks not only YouTube, but also a number of social media and communication apps and sites with political, social and …continue reading at

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