China strides, US shrinks in Asia

Source: Asia Times:

By Francesco Sisci

BEIJING – Who remembers Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, the Southern states that fought the Northern states lead by president Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War? Barack Obama, really and symbolically black, looks like the true vindication and completion of that war, which broke and then united the United States and turned an assembly of fairly autonomous states into a nation.


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  1. Please, do not open your champagne yet.
    China is like an empty shell. The REAL china is not what you see in Beijing or Shanghai.Interior China is very poor. A lot of Chinese do not have shoes. They have no access to modern facilities & healthcare.
    US per capita income is $50,000, 10th in the world.
    China is $6,100, 90th in the world.
    US global GDP is $13,000 , while China is $2,700.
    Case closed.

    • Mr Anwar: I have deleted two of your comments as you seem not to learn from earlier warning that you must observe norms of decency as given by the Qur’an that you should not abuse names or nationalities.

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