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  1. I see that most of thee guests are frequent participants. Only the Bishop belonged to a persecuted community. Too many people were part of the discussion. Orya maqbool behaved the worst.

  2. M.A.Jinnah very well Knew the difference between Islam Deen of Quoran and man made Islam Mazhab. The people of not only Pakistan but the whole world have rejected Islam Deen of Allah(SWT)They feel very happy and satisfied with manmade Islam Mazhab.
    Quoran commands “Do not divide into sects” one of the speaker proudly claims he is Baraillvi which goes against Quoranic commandments. Such people are out of Islam Deen.(they are not Muslims)

    Haider Maududi is great friend of mine but he should not use bad words either or curse any one. This goes against Quoran too.
    To my understanding Pakistan was never Islamic it is just deception to them selves and rest of the world. All the minorities are entitle for equal rights. Any citizen can be become President.

    After retirement in Pakistan, seeing deteriorating condition of the country I was forced to go away to earn bread and butter for myself and my children some where else. I read a lot about America which constitution is based on Islamic sharia made by Thomas Jefferson copied from George Sale English Translation of Quoran. so I decided to come to America and I am here for the last over thirty years and am seeing Islamic sharia law here and I am proud citizen of this country.
    God bless America.

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