The Challenges of International Justice

Huff Post Canada: By Josh D. Scheinhert –

We must work to further foster a culture of justice and accountability. Inherent in that role for a state like Canada is to press allies, like the U.S. and Israel, that have not joined the court to do so, and remove one of the most glaring instances of Western-justice hypocrisy.

Justice is absent from the international community’s agenda. To try and quell the crisis in Syria, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 2118. The resolution notes the Security Council is “deeply outraged by the use of chemical weapons,” that use of such weapons “constitutes a serious violation of international law,” and it “stress[es]” that those responsible for the use of chemical weapons “must be held accountable”.

However, besides its use of italics, the resolution does nothing to ensure any accountability for the commission of international crimes in Syria. The International Criminal Court, which can have jurisdiction over the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity, does not fit into the plans of the international community.

Besides being deliberately left on the sidelines of one of the more odious crimes in recent memory, the ICC is experiencing other bumps in the road, questioning its efficacy and role in the international system.


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