The silent majority is dead

ETWhenever there is a terrorist attack in Pakistan, there are the usual rounds of condemnation from various quarters. Then, people go about their business as usual, till another such attack happens and then the film is repeated again. It seems that everything happens but nothing happens. People condemn the act, yet still, terrorists are repeatedly found in our midst. People feel sorry for the dead and injured, but then they are soon forgotten. People feel depressed when they hear of the attack, but the next round of biryani makes us forget it all.

When the ‘specialists’ are quizzed about the prevalence of terrorism and its deadly ideology in Pakistan, they often say, “But the majority, the ‘si: lent majority’ rejects them”. But the real news is that this ‘silent majority’ is dead. For a long time, the term ‘silent majority’ referred to the dead rather than the living. It was only during the 1970’s with Nixon’s Watergate scandal that he referred to the ‘silent majority’ which supported him — obviously they were dead too. Dead, too, is our population which opposes terrorism and its ideology. Our collective apathy speaks louder than our words and actions. This menace has killed scores of our military men and civilians in recent months, let alone the last decade or so, and we still want to negotiate. We must be dead to think this.

One of the reasons why this menace is getting stronger and is perhaps, not going to leave us is because we have yet to take this menace seriously. Just imagine, a few weeks ago, the firings on the Line of Control created war hysteria against India, mainly at the behest of the media, but no such hype has ever been created against the Taliban. Since 1947, India has killed a fraction of the people the Taliban have killed in Pakistan, but we still consider India as our main enemy and react to them strongly.


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  1. Dead indeed. The silent majority as well as minority! The Pakistani Politicians talk about Islamic Teachings and what ever they say like the Molvies(Pigs and Monkeys according to the Seal of the prophets Hadhrat Muhammad and Ahmad,S A W.) contradict their verbosity.They do not do what they say.They protest and shout aloud that they LOVE Islam,quote the Sunnah and HADEES,their T V Channels keep repeating one sided views, BUT NEVER PRACTISED what they proclaim. Now a days they are shouting sympathy for CHRITIANS-useless rhetoric-monkey business!
    Until and unless Pakistanis do not make The Mesaq e Medina basis of their Costitution
    And verdicts pronounced by my beloved Hadhrat Muhammad, May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him Pakistan and Pakistanis will SUFFER showing the TWISTED and CROOKED SO-CALLED ISLAM. Rehmatullah UL Aalameen is misrepresented as something abhorrent. Ina Lila he wa Ina ellahe raj eon!

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