Picture of the Day: The church that looked like a mosque

The Express Tribune:

So mindful were the Christians of Muslim sentiments that when they built Peshawar’s All Saints Church in 1882, they made it look like a mosque. Local artists were even hired to inscribe Biblical verses in Persian and Pashto.



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  1. How many times authorities in Pakistan will hide their face with shame for not taking care of the minority groups as guaranteed in the constitution.
    Are they waiting for their patience to be exhausted? They better wake up and do the needful soon or…
    The Lord will do the justice.

  2. True. The hate mongers making hate speeches (against Ahmadis) are clearly identified and seen on TV channels. Government is not doing anything against those known rogues. How they can do anything about the hidden enemies?

    The honest government would book the hate mongers and question them and warn them. They are the known terrorists.

  3. What can be expected of a people and their government who live with lies? Lies surround them, they inhale lies, they exhale lies. Justice requires truth. Not possible in Pakistan

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