Farrakhan Delivers Stern Warnings to Obama, the Muslim World and Israel

Louis Farrakhan speaks at the state capitol steps in Montgomery, Ala. on Friday June 14, 2013. Farrakhan and others are holding a caravan across Alabama to encourage the U.S. Supreme Court to save a major portion of the Voting Rights Act. (AP Photo/Montgomery Advertiser, Mickey Welsh)

With the American government on the brink of inserting themselves into the affairs of yet another Muslim country, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a stern warning to the global warmongers and blood-shedders providing much needed clarity regarding the worldwide geopolitical landscape.

“The government of America and its leadership is taking America and the world on a very dangerous course, and I would not be a good student of my teacher the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as a Warner from Allah, and not raise my voice in harmony with his, to warn President Obama and this administration as well as the Congress of the United States, of the danger of the course that America is embarking on,” said Minister Farrakhan.

Protests took place in the United States and abroad August 31, the same day Minister Farrakhan’s words were broadcast. It seems America has such an extensive history of deceptive practices and false flag operations that considerable doubt exists in the minds of the American people as to whether the Syrian government used chemical weapons, and whether the American military should intervene, said the Minister.

The people have also grown tired of decades of seemingly endless wars abroad while budgetary shortfalls continue in this country.

According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, only 20 percent of the American people believe America should take military action. While the U.S. paints itself as global peacemaker, her history reveals something altogether different.

It was promised that peace and democracy would be delivered in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. All three of those countries are now experiencing bloodshed and turmoil. In Egypt, despite a democratic election won by the Mohamed Morsi, the candidate from the Freedom and Justice party of the Muslim Brotherhood, the country now faces governmental upheaval.

Minister Farrakhan has consistently uncovered the hidden schemes of the deceiving blood-shedders revealing the global hegemonic ambitions of the Neoconservatives.

The United Nations Charter militating against the use of force or intervention in the sovereignty of other nations as well as the United States Constitution is “gradually being ripped to shreds,” said the Minister.

“There is no more international law and order, just the law and order of the powerful against the weak, both, in the world and now in the United States of America,” he added.

Another point of contention is the hypocrisy being shown by America claiming to be outraged that chemical weapons were used, when in fact, America employed the use of chemical weapons that killed and maimed civilians during the Vietnam war, as well as the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Decades later, America’s own patriotic soldiers are suffering medical complications as a result of being exposed to use of those chemical weapons.

According to reports, between 1962-1971, America used millions of gallons of defoliants and herbicides such as Agent Orange in Vietnam causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, as well as generations born with and birth defects. Napalm was used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as Vietnam, and in Iraq, the Minister noted the use of bombs containing Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorous. The same types of bombs have been used by Israel—the nation whom the Minister referred to as America’s “companion in wickedness”—during its 2009 attack on Gaza in which dozens of civilians were killed.

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