Muslims in America – New Wave of Anti-Islamic Sentiment


By: Joseph Mayton

America’s anti-Islam sentiment is unfounded and dishonest. For one, it discounts the violence and school shootings perpetrated by non-Muslims. And it ignores the fact that the US government has been responsible for the deaths of over one million Muslims in the past decade. Joseph Mayton shares his point-of-view

Since the Boston Marathon attacks on 15 April, America has been stricken with what I have been terming the “Green Scare” in reference to the “Red Scare” of the 1950s against alleged Communists in the country. Today, being confronted with a Muslim brings out the worst in Americans.

In San Francisco, the United States’ supposed repository of acceptance and tolerance, anti-Muslim actions have been brutal, if not shocking. Take for instance a ride on the city’s metro, when an elderly couple were called “terrorists” and two young men refused to give up their seats to the couple because the wife was wearing a veil. One of them, loud enough for the woman to hear, exclaimed: “I won’t give up my seat to a terrorist.”


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