Buddhism not blamed for Shooting by Aaron Alexis, but what if he was a Muslim?

Aaron Alexis: The Washington DC shooter, who killed at least 12 and injured 8

The Title has been modified by the Muslim Times, from the original: Friends Say Aaron Alexis Was Into Buddhism for the Thai Women

Source: The Daily Beast

by  Sep 18, 2013 7:49 AM EDT

The D.C. Navy Yard shooter was a fixture at the lone Buddhist temple in a small Fort Worth suburb. His friends say he was there just for the Thai women. Pete Freedman reports.

Aside from the four Federal Bureau of Investigation agents lingering out front, patiently gathering background information when and where they could; aside from the half-dozen reporters inside, seeking color to add to their soon-to-be-filed articles; aside from the final five minutes of this daily service—during which Washington D.C. Navy Yard shooter and former Wat Busaya Dhammavanaram congregant Aaron Alexis was mentioned lovingly, but never by name, not even once—the prayer session at the lone Buddhist temple in this small Fort Worth suburb went mostly as usual Tuesday night services here go.

A view of Wat Busaya Dhammavanaram Meditation Center in Fort Worth, Texas September 17, 2013. Aaron Alexis, 34, the suspected shooter who was among 13 people killed in the shooting at Washington Navy Yard, attended the Buddhist temple, according to his friends Oui and Kristi Suthamtewakul who said they took him there and also attended the temple. (Tim Sharp/Reuters)

There was prayer. There was meditation. There was chanting. There was singing. And perhaps most pertinent, given all the added attention given to the temple of late, there were repeated reminders of how precious a commodity a lifetime truly is.

But there were also more attendees than a normal midweek service might usually draw—23 in total, most of them women. That, at least, was to be expected. Earlier in the day, leaders from this small, tight-knit, mostly Thai community phoned around to inform congregants that the prayers from this five-room temple’s three in-house monks would for the first time be touching upon the now-deceased Alexis’s former involvement in this community, an association that began three years ago, best as anyone around here can recall.

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  1. Buddhism does not get blamed quite simply because it does not have a legacy as appalling as the Muslim ummah when it comes to violence in the name of religion. Cry wolf some more!

  2. Our sympathies and prayers are for the families of the victims, as we pursue this other angle of the story as well. May God grant them resources to bear the loss with patience. Ameen!

    We do not see any reason to blame Buddhism. We could equally blame Christianity, for most of his life Aaron Alexis was a Christian? We only raise this question to point to the double standards of the several of the national media.

    There are good and bad people in all religions and different people perceive the same religion in their own ways, as is said beauty lies in the eyes of the observer.

    It is time that media stops putting Islam on trial for every crime a Muslim commits. Our Western judicial principles focus on individual responsibility and not on group punishment or guilt by association.

    The Face of Buddhist Terror

    Caliph Umar Farooq vs.Emperor Heraclius: Who gave us our Religious Freedoms?

  3. Quoting CNN

    His last known address was outside of Fort Worth, where he was roommates for three years with Nutpisit Suthamtewakul, who described Alexis as his best friend.
    Alexis befriended Suthamtewakul four years ago after he emigrated from Thailand.
    Alexis taught him about American culture, Suthamtewakul told CNN. Alexis, he says, was fluent in Thai and attended a Buddhist temple.
    When Suthamtewakul opened the Happy Bowl Thai Restaurant, Alexis would occasionally help out, waiting tables, he said.
    The two were roommates until five months ago, when Suthamtewakul got married and Alexis had to move out.


  4. So call Buddhist terrorism is totally wrong.Because lord Buddha never thought terrorism.He thought always love, Peace and Mercy all mankind,all lives. BuddhistThought”For hate is not conquered by hate: hate is conquered by love.This is a law eternal.”Also he thought “Think not of the faults of others,of what they have done or not done.Think rather of your own sins,of the things you have done or not done.”Also he thought “Never speak harsh words,for once spoken they may return to you.Angry words are painful and there may be blows for blows.” So how can you say Buddhist terrorism.We can say Buddhism is real Islam and Islam means Peace.

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