Orangutans Plan Their Trips Like Humans, Tell Others Their Future Travel Routes

Male orangutans may be GPS makers’ new target demographic.


Researchers completed the study over a five year period, studying the “long calls” of 15 wild orangutans The primates calls can be heard more than half a mile through the forest. Reuters


According to research from anthropologists at the University of Zurich, it has been discovered that male orangutans use their planning ability to map out future needs, Science Daily reports. The team of anthropologists concluded that resonating “long calls” from male orangutans are used to announce the direction they will be traveling toward. This call can be announced more than 22 hours before the orangutan begins his travels, reports the Los Angeles Times.

“Our study makes it clear that wild orangutans do not simply live in the here and now, but can imagine a future and even announce their plans,” said anthropologist Carel van Shaik, lead author of the study.“In this sense, then, they have become a bit more like us.”


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