News Video of Rochester’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Muslims for Life Blood Drive


In Rochester, some marked this 9/11 anniversary with the gift of life.   Rochester’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community hosted a blood drive.  The local effort is part of a larger nationwide drive.

The “Muslims for Life” blood drive set a goal to collect more than 12,000 units of blood in hopes of saving 36,000 lives.  Organizers say the  campaign emphasizes the sanctity of life.  A teaching inherent in most , if not all, faiths.

On a day when the world pauses to remember the lives lost.  Dozens in Rochester’s Muslim Community rolled up their sleeves to give the gift of life.

“It goes to show as a Muslim, my blood works for people of all faiths.  So it doesn’t matter what your faith is, this blood works for everyone,” said Mubarak Bashir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Center.

Bashir is an American Muslim.  He says he reflects on this tragic day in history for two reasons.

“As an American, it was a tragedy that everyday of this, every 9/11 it’s going to be a tragic thing for all Americans.  And for Muslims, that someone hijacked our faith, and flew those planes into the towers, it doesn’t represent our faith at all,” said Bashir.

Paul Mangione does not practice the same religion.  However, he …continue reading at

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