Burkini Case! Is it really break through?

Source: The Local:

Note by the Editor:

Met with head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany. He opined up to 3rd class in primary schools he sees no problem with swimming classes.  However after this age preferably should be separate swimming for each gender. In his view point the mixed swimming  classes with Burkini for gown up girls is not desired and acceptable solution for practicing Muslim girls.  He further opined that it all depends how a girl has been groomed in the house. He quoted many examples of Ahmadi Muslim girls who by themselves refuted to attend mixed swimming classes because of very good training by the parents at home. His views were recorded by famous German TV channels and were telecast accordingly.

It is the way one perceives the decision. Different news channels reporting it differently. Accordingly in Germany  it is also viewed in multiple dimensions. practicing Muslim girls, by virtue of their religious belief, are not comfortable with the decision. According to them they are separate gender and should be provided separate and exclusive place for swimming.  Similarly should not be forced to join the mixed swimming classes irrespective what swimming dress is allowed to wear. When on Wednesday decision was announced in German media, the head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was contacted for the comment.   He will be sending his comment which will be included shortly.

Judges in Leipzig said the girl could wear a full-body swimsuit known as a Burkini to help maintain her religious beliefs.

It argued that in the summer, outside of school, men also went about bare-chested and school could not suppress the “social reality”.


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  1. Hijab and Burkini will be constant live billboards for Islam, every where in the world.

    I am reminded of how, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, was able to appreciate the advantages in what the Meccans were offering him, at Hudaibiyya.

    Allah called the Hudaibiyya a great victory.

    Any victory for Hijab and Burkini is a great victory as long as Burkini does not hit the slippery slope!

  2. Intresting comment appeared in famous magazine Spiegel. Reproduced below for MT readers.
    A full-body swimming suit known as a “burqini” is sufficient to address Muslim religious views, a German court ruled Wednesday. Zoom
    picture alliance / dpa

    A full-body swimming suit known as a “burqini” is sufficient to address Muslim religious views, a German court ruled Wednesday.

    A German court ruled Wednesday that schools can require Muslim girls to participate in co-ed swimming classes. They were right to do so — but not for the reasons many conservatives suggest.

    In 2008, the German Islam Conference published an insightful study: Some 3.5 percent of Muslim schoolgirls in Germany don’t participate in co-ed swimming classes on religious grounds, provided it is offered at their school. The absolute numbers are tiny.

    Nevertheless, the nationwide significance attached to the question of whether Muslims should be allowed to opt out of school swimming is large. Germany’s federal administrative court in Leipzig was tasked with clarifying this on Wednesday. The Helene-Lange-Gymnasium, a high school in Frankfurt, required a Muslim girl to take part in swimming class. She had the option, according to the logic of the Culture Ministry, to wear a full-body bathing suit known as a “burqini.” Her parents filed a complaint. It was a case in which the educational mission of the state had come into conflict with religious freedom.

    The court in Leipzig has now passed judgement: It is reasonable to require Muslim schoolgirls to swim together with boys, assuming she has the option of wearing a burqini.

    They were right to do so.

    Conservative politicians and commentators warned ahead of the ruling that the emergence of parallel worlds must be prevented. Some even detected in the unwillingness of Muslims to participate in co-ed swimming courses a sign of the creeping “Islamization” of Germany. Today swim class, tomorrow Sharia. This attitude is based on a form of anti-Muslim racism that is widespread in Germany, manifested most recently in the Islamophobic-tirade-in-book-form published three years ago by former German Central Bank board member Thilo Sarrazin.

    ‘Compromises Can Often Be Found’

    The judgement of the federal administrative court is correct for other reasons: It takes the new German normality into account. In the schools of large German cities, it has long been a part of everyday life that Muslim girls wear burqinis during swim class. A teacher from Freiburg, for example, purchased full-body swimsuits for use by her students years ago. At the Helene-Lange-Gymnasium, eight out of 10 students come from families that have immigrated to Germany; many are Muslim. A number of them wear body coverings while taking part in physical education.

    Muslim schoolgirls who refuse to swim argue that despite the burqini, the contours of their body are still visible. In addition, they say, they are uncomfortable seeing boys in swimming trunks. This line of argument also played a role in the Helene-Lange-Gymnasium case. But the federal administrative court rejected this logic, agreeing with a prior ruling by the high administrative court in Kassel. The religious sentiments of the Muslim student had been adequately addressed by the burqini. There was no reason for a complete exemption from swimming class.

    It is reasonable that a student be required to view boys in swimming trunks, the court ruled. The right to freedom of religion, the court found, does not convey any “fundamental right” in the context of school, to be protected from the everyday habits and clothing of others — particularly shorts, which are also common outside of school. It cannot be demanded that a school’s curriculum “blocks out the social reality” just because some students find it offensive for religious reasons. The risk of accidental contact with male classmates could in turn be “reduced to acceptable levels” through “prudent implementation of the lessons,” as well as through “the student’s own actions.”

    “In practice, compromises can often be found,” says Islamic law expert Mathias Rohe: For example, Muslim girls can wear bathrobe on their way to and from the pool, and teaching can be organized so that there’s no bodily contact between boys and girls. Islam, adds Rohe, belongs to Germany, with all its rights. And obligations.

  3. Funny, we are destroying the actual religion of Islam.

    If you look at the Full Suits being used in Swimming Competitions both in Pools and Open water, what do you really see.

    Also, if she doesn’t want to watch other boys, would like to ask her, how many movies, tv shows, internet videos and pictures does she not watch?

  4. The article, by the end, promised to bring Huzur’s statement on this issue. But I just can’t find it. Could anybody tell me as to where to find that?

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