Report: 14th Annual Regional Ijtema’ (2013) of Majlis Ansarullah Kashmir, India

Korel, Noor’abad, Kulgam Kashmir: 10th September 2013:

The Successful and Blessed 14th Annual Regional Ijtema’ (2013) of Majlis Ansarullah Kashmir (the elderly wing of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Kashmir) came to an end yesterday evening.

As per reports, the proceedings of this two-day long Ijtema’ began on Saturday the 7th. Sept. 2013 at 11.00 am in the morning with the Inaugural Session and ended yesterday on Sunday the 8th. September 2013 in the evening. The highlights of the Ijtema’ besides various academic and sports competitions, were some very interesting & special programmes like a Quiz programme and a Special Discussion Forum.

The Ijtema’ was attended by Ansars of the valley of Kashmir in great numbers and a good number of Khuddams and Atfal also attended. All the District Ameers, the Local Presidents/Ameers of Jama’ats of Kashmir and the Muballighs, Murrabis and Mu’alims were specially invited to attend the Ijtema’.

The representatives of the Majlis-e Ansarullah Bharat also graced the occasion and the National President of Majlis Ansarullah Bharat Mohtaram Qari Nawab Ahmad Sahib presided  over the Inaugural and the Valedictory Sessions of the Ijtema’. In his Valedictory address the National President Majlis Ansarullah Bharat related some important events from the Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and impressed upon the audience that we should the Life of our Beloved Prophet (SAW) as a Model for our lives and become the useful for others.

Qari Nawab Sahib said that the teachings of the Prophet (SAW) are for Peace and Universal brotherhood and if we implement the teachings in our lives with true spirit, the world is sure to become a place of peace for all. Qari Sahib impressed upon the Ansars who attended the Ijtema’ that that should not only act upon advices they have heard over here in their lives but also convey these things to others.



(Prof. Mahmood Ahmad Tak: Regional Nazim, Majlis Ansarullah Kashmir)

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