Ghana: Acting Ameer Ahmadiyya Muslim Community expresses concern about grind down of social moral and religious values among Ghanian youth


The Acting Ameer and Missionary in charge of the Ahamdiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana, Alhaji Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih has expressed worry about the fastest rate at which social, moral and religious values are eroding from Ghana in recent times. 

Aside from this situation, the government and the state seem to be interested in fighting against the drug tade while alcoholism which is one of the main reasons behind youth delinquency, has received an official approval without any clear restriction. 

For this reason, the Acting Ameer has entreated religious bodies in the country, particularly the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission to rise up to help fight all forms of negative practices against good societal norms and values for posterity. 

Alhaji Maulvi Bin Salih threw the challenge at the opening of the 34th Annual National Convention of Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association’ Conference, in Kumasi. 

The three day conference was on the theme, “Striving to Attain the Fear of Allah; An Unending Pre-occupation of the Muslim Woman”. 

The Acting Ameer blamed also the moral decadence in the Ghanaian society on the zeal for materialism and neglect of religious principles by especially women. 

To achieve wealth and material things, some women have willingly accepted to be objects of pleasure of men for which reason they are ready to do anything to win the favour of part of the society, including indecent exposure of their vital parts which should have been always under cover. 

Alhaji Maulvi Bin Salih noted with regret the involvement of women in the organization of beauty contests which, to all intents and purposes, degrade womanhood through undesirable competition of indecent body exposure. 

The Acting Ameer charged the Muslim Women to set themselves apart from all such ungodly worldly practices, condemn these tendencies while setting themselves as examples for others, especially the younger generation to emulate not only for now, but for the future wellbeing of the society as well. 

The National President of the Association, Mrs. Hafsa Obosu asked Ahmadi women to be examples both at home and in the larger society by staying away from such negative practices as back-biting, gossiping, insults and disrespect for husbands which are un-pleasing to Allah. 

In a message, the Global Head of the Ahmadiyya Community in Islam, Mirza Masroor Ahmad urged the women to strive to attain the pleasure of Allah as their highest priority and that they should distance themselves from anything that can become a barrier between them and Allah. 

There were solidarity messages by the Christian Mothers’ Association of the Catholic Church and the Women wing of the Ghana Muslim Mission.


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