Grand mufti to rights groups: Practice what you preach

The grand mufti of the Kingdom (of Saudi Arabia)

In this file photo, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Asheik is shown in a meeting with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King abdullah.

, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Asheik, has criticized human rights organizations for not practicing what they preach.

Al-Asheik questioned the role of the organizations in the recent turmoil prevailing in the Islamic countries.

He said that adversaries supply arms and ammunition to countries afflicted with war and sectarian tension in order to further weaken Islam and unity among Muslims.

In his Friday sermon at Imam Turki bin Abdul Aziz Mosque in Riyadh, the Grand Mufti said that enemies are taking advantage of the situation and urged Muslims to join hands in fighting such forces.

In the sermon, he cited a Prophetic “hadith” in which the Prophet, peace be upon him, told a man to “support thy brethren whether they are in the right or not.” The man then asked how he could stand in support of someone who is an oppressor. The Prophet replied “by preventing him from committing further injustice.”



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2 replies

  1. WOW.What a joke the Grand …..should sweep before his own door before advising others……Perhaps he wants people know that he has a great sense of humor.

    Does he not know his kings have been funding religious extremists and terrorists throughout the world specially in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and now in Syria and now situation has become so worse that King has now started openly inciting religious and political chaos and supporting sectarian terrorist groups.

    Hmmmm…….King is frightened. I see.

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