Syria: Another False Flag “Chemical Weapon” Attack

Whenever there is some international action with regards to Syria, a United Nations security council meeting or a G8 conference, the Syrian insurgents create and/or propagandize some “massacre” that they allege to have been perpetrated by the Syrian government.

On Monday UN chemical weapon inspectors arrived in Damascus to investigate some older claims of chemical weapon use. Just in time a new incident happens with the insurgents alleging use of “chemical weapons” by the Syrian government just some 10 miles away from the inspectors hotel:

Syrian regime forces fired intense artillery and rocket barrages Wednesday on the eastern suburbs Damascus amid a fierce government offensive in what two pro-opposition groups claimed was a “poisonous gas” attack that killed dozens of people.

The claims came as a 20-member U.N. chemical weapons team was in Syria to investigate three sites where chemical weapons attacks had allegedly occurred in the past. The timing raises questions on why would the regime employ chemical agents during a visit by the U.N. experts.

The government promptly denied the reports of Wednesday’s chemical weapons’ attack as “absolutely baseless.”

Videos of the incident show many people, including children, with respiratory problems. But non of the first responders and medical personal in those videos wear any protection against chemical weapons.
Real chemical weapons, like Sarin, are persistent agents. They stick to the cloth of the victims and any contact with those victims would practically guarantee to kill the people who try to help them unless those people take serious precautions. Whatever happened in Syria today is therefore unlikely to be the consequence of military grade chemical weapons. Many other chemical agents, like insecticides based on organophospate or some industrial process chemicals, could induce the observed symptoms.

It would of course be totally irrational for the Syrian government to use chemical weapons just the moment that chemical weapon inspectors arrive in the country. But it makes a lot of sense for the insurgents and their foreign supporters to create such an incident, as the did previously, and to use it to renew their propaganda campaign against the Syrian government. It is therefore no surprise that the British government immediately jumped all over the case.

Simply answer “cui bono?” and you will know who is responsible for this incident.



2 replies

  1. Again we do not know the truth of what is really happening in Syria (and Egypt and elsewhere). While there are plenty of massacres carried out by all sides there are also plenty of lies. Some parties spend a lot of money on war propaganda and lies. Allah knows the truth. May he punish both the murderers and the those telling lies.

  2. It does not make any sense for the Syrian government to use chemical weapons at the time when UN Inspectors are visiting to investigate a previous allegation of chemical use. No sane person will do it and I am sure Syrian govt. is not so insane.

    secondly, the pictures of the persons alleged to have been killed shown in press media are of only children and not of any adult. I have seen a picture of father and mother sitting next to more than dozen bodies of children alleged to have been killed of chemical gas used by the Syrian govt.on Wednesday. I am so much surprised how the gas targeted only children and spared the lives of parents and adults in the same house or area.

    It looks all propaganda campaign against the govt orchestrated by some forces having their vested interest. Please for God sake, stop this negative tactics and come with clean hands to solve the political disputes in a just and equitable manner.

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