William Lane Craig vs Jamal Badawi Debate

This is the full debate in high quality between Dr. William Lane Craig and Dr. Jamal Badawi at the University of Illinois from 1997. 

Jamal Badawi makes a good case for unity of God and also makes a good presentation for the loving God of Islam.

One easy argument that I will like to add pertains to the opening verse of each chapter of the Holy Quran, “In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.”

This possibly escaped Jamal Badawi as non-Ahmadi Muslims do not count the opening verse in their printing of the Holy Quran.  As there are 114 chapters of the Quran and the opening verse appears before all chapters except one and then it appears once, in the middle of a chapter, therefore the attribute of God, “The Merciful,” is repeated 114 times in the Holy Quran in this form. The attribute “The Merciful,” also appears several additional times in the Quran.

In other words the mercy and love of God is a constant theme in the Holy Quran.

Additionally, it seems that  Jamal Badawi had Sunni Muslim understanding of events around the crucifixion of Jesus, may peace be on him.

If we add the clarity and lucidity of Ahmadiyya understanding about Jesus being put on the cross, going into a swoon and eventually resuscitated, the presentation would become even more effective.

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