Ahmadi Children face difficulty in getting ID cards and birth certificates

Voice of Indonesia:

Ahmadis still displaced in NTB face difficulty in obtaining identity cards and birth certificates for their children.

Ahmadiyah members who had taken refuge in Dormitory Transito Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara had difficulty to got Identity Card (KTP) or birth certificate.

Displaced Ahmadiyah Sahidin , told VOA that until now the local government does not want to provide birth certificates for children of 29 Ahmadis who live in refugee camps on the grounds that they do not have a marriage certificate.

Sahidin said that these families living in the Transito in Mataram did have a marriage certificate which was lost when their houses were burned during attack. According to Sahidin, it was so sad that their children cannot go to the Elementary School (SD) because they do not have a birth certificate.


Not just the birth certificate, the existing 40 Ahmadis in Transito were also not given identity cards (KTP). Currently, 116 people are still living in Ahmadis Transito.

“I feel really disappointed and deplore the actions of this kind. They knew that we have been looted so many times and our houses have been burned so many times, “he said Friday (21/6).

“Our hope was that we were treated like citizens of Indonesia in general and we are not discriminated. They should not discriminate us in state issues.

Interior Ministry spokesman, Ardi David said it is currently conducting coordination related to this issue.

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