Report: Ijtema of the Women’s Auxillary [Lajna Imaillah] of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, GA


Farhat Pall, the president of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, GA chapter officiated the Women’s Ijtema at Baitul Baqi mosque, on Saturday June 1st, 2013.

An Ijtema is an event where the ladies compete in a variety of activities from reciting the Quran, reciting poetry, making speeches or competing in baking and handicrafts.

Najia Humayun and Attia Waheed received the highest scores for reciting the Holy Quran. This award goes to the most beautiful recitation.  The second prize went to Bushra Waheed and the third prize was a tie for Bushra Munawar and Imama Khalid.

The poetry recitation in Urdu is judged on melody and style. The first prize winner in the Advanced group was  Attia Waheed . Second and third place were awarded to Tallat Wali and Bushra Waheed.

In the Intermediate Poetry recitation in Urdu, Mahmooda Rehman and Imama Khalid tied for first place. Amina Anwar received second place. Freeha and Rabia Anwar tied for third place.

In the Impromptu speech category, Najia Humayun excelled in first place, followed by Maria Ahmad in second place and Meleeha Ahmad in third
place. The topics were given in advance, but the speeches were timed, which made the speeches challenging  because they had to be more spontaneous .

The baking contest was a supreme success and a sweet success. Mewish Pall placed first in baking for her Cake Pops. The judging was based on attractiveness, arrangement and flavor. The second prize went to her sister, Mishal Pall, for her Cold Cake and third prize went  to Zainab Khan for her Almond Cake.

The Handicraft Competition revealed some talented artists. It must have been very difficult for the judges to choose a winner.  Ayesha Anwar came in first in handicrafts for her picture and Amina Anwar  came in second and Kudsia Ahmad came in third for her dramatic green painting with the
Arabic words “La illa hi lila” There is One God and Only One God shaped using gold thumb tacks. The result was very dramatic as you can see from the picture.

The baked goods were sold as a fund raiser for the Women’s Auxillary. The best handicrafts will be sent on to the national Jalsa to compete against other Ahmadi-Muslims in other states.

The jalsa will be held in Pennsylvannia on June 28-30th,2013. The jalsa is a national gathering where all the Ahmadi-Muslims meet to listen to speeches and pray together… continue reading at

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