Humans are destroying themselves: Chomsky

By Jana El Hassan
The Daily Star


“Human beings are destroying themselves,” said luminary Noam Chomsky, warning that unrest in Syria could turn into a Sunni-Shiite conflict that would spread to the whole region and eventually lead to a global war.

Chomsky also said that the military involvement of Hezbollah in Syria is only going to make things worse, and increase the threat of turning the conflict into a sectarian one.

However, Chomsky seemed more optimistic about the so-called Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt.

Now aged 84, Chomsky recalls that he wrote his first article when he was only 10 years old.

Chomsky, who said he was jailed several time for his ideas, admitted that he was fortunate enough to live in a relatively free country.

According to Chomsky, an anti-Zionist who has repeatedly attacked Israel and opposed the establishment of a Jewish state, things have not changed much and have only got worse.

The U.S. policy, according to the dissident, does not just cause harm to others but to its own citizens as well.

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