The God I Don’t Believe In

Huff Post: Rabbi Richard A. Block.

The most refined condensation of Jewish thinking about God is found in our liturgy, whose prayers address a personal God with whom we can communicate, collectively and individually. When all is said and done, there are three Jewish prayer themes: Wow! Help! and Thanks! “Wow” prayers express awe and wonder — radical amazement at the universe and its order and majesty, nature and its beauty, the marvelous complexity of the human body, the miracle of life itself. “Help” prayers articulate our deepest needs, hopes and fears, aspirations and longings. “Thanks” prayers give voice to gratitude for our blessings — for our lives and souls, the miracles and wonders and goodness that surround us every day, the privilege of being Jews, the opportunity to be God’s partners in the ongoing work of creation, for God’s love and care.


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