First step towards implementing Saudi agenda: Nawaz Sharif decides to abolish the Pakistan-Iran pipeline project

Source: LUBP

According to a pro-Saudi technical advisor of PML-N namely Miftah Ismail, the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project would mean multiplication of circular debt by additional billions of rupees if the average present tariff of five dollars per mmcfd remains in place in contrast with the Iranian gas import costing 15 to 16 dollars per mmcfd i.e three times the average supply rate of gas to the consumers (the expert talking to ‘The News’, however, used the term mmbtu, the specific oil measure but on counter-questioning, the expert’s reply was indicative of mmcfd). This was disclosed during an exclusive interview with Dr Miftah Ismail, the energy expert who had been assigned the task of intensive research by Mian Shahbaz Sharif and who is still one of the key energy advisors to PML-N.


Categories: Asia, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia

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  1. This posting really makes one most worried and fearful. But as the post-election senario clearly points out and no one can imagine such a thing could be done by the new rulers to please the outsiders and humiliate their own people who think that the only laudable work performed by the out going government of PPP is Pak-Iran gas contract, which will make the long standing cherished dream of all Pakistanis a reality. In view of all this one hopes that better sense will prevail in all future decision making by the new ruling authorities in Islamabad.

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