Did Imran Khan Pull down willfully?

Source. UKTIMES.

London (A. Haq) In an accident Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s Chief Imran Khan has got severe head injuries when he was thrashed down from the lifter. Imran Khan was supposed to deliver address in a public meeting in line with election campaign. According to reports he was being lifted to the stage along with his 4 guards but meanwhile another 5th guard tried to climb up and the lifter could not keep balance and Imran Khan fell off from the height of 15 to 16 feet along with his guards. He was instantly carried to the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital for immediate treatment. He came back to his senses in the hospital and the doctors report that he needs at least 2- week bed rest to recover (in a way he is now out of election campaign).

Peter Pa, a British martial arts and Kungfu expert who has 20 years martial arts experience , told UK Times in a special dialogue that he had seen the incident on T.V time and again and has reached to the conclusion  that ,it is a contrived rather than a natural accident. He added that the video presented by various T.V channels of Pakistan clearly shows that one guard held tight Imran Khan’s arm and pulled him off the lifter. Both had fallen from the same height but guard was safe while Imran Khan suffered severe head injuries and fracture. He also expressed his apprehension that it was perhaps part of conspiracy against him which can be unfolded only by Imran Khan or the other guards.

Peter adheres to his point of view on the basis of his experience and the video played on T.V screen that the guard holding his arm had pulled him off the lifter in such a way to show him down while he kept himself safe aptly.

Martial arts expert M. Waseem said: I do not completely endorse the views of Peter Pa. There is definitely some ground of what Peter pa says.  But in my view it was the 5th guard who should be held responsible for the entire incident. It is customary that the guards keep hold of celebrities in the time of crisis. The guard gripping Imran’s arm should have let his arm go in case he had lost his balance. But it appears as if he pulled Imran down willfully.

Refer. UKTIMESLONDON 08.05.2013

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  1. To me it was quite clear that Imran Khan gave in to some kind of fear for the mullahs. This again has confirmed to me the truthfulness of The Promised Messiah. I had never before seen the mechanics of a person caving in because of outside pressure. A person unsupported by God can not tolerate the pressure. The Promised Messiah has spoken about it, but to me it was more like a theory. Sadly for Imran Khan that he was the one confirming the theory.

  2. Definitely, this appears to be a miracle from the almighty Allah especially after looking at Mr. Coward Khan’s public statements, PTI’s press release about the fatwa and his subsequent appeals to cheap mullahs and his totally incorrect reference to the Holy Quran. He was proud to say that he never feared anyone except Allah and he never lies and stood for justice. Well, in this case he proved himself wrong on all these accounts. He is more afraid of mullahs than Allah. He thought that he will remain safe if he appeased the terroroists and the mullahs but Allah is Khairul Makireen.

  3. One has to be very careful when quoting the Holy Quran.In his chiniot Jalsa address,PTI Chief said that the Holy Quran mentions that whoever does not believe the Holy Prophet to be the last prophet cannot be a Muslim. I know for sure that no such thing is mentioned in the Holy Quran. So, I hope that Mr. Khan has had some time to reflect in his hospital bed and in the future he will think twice before commenting on the Holy Quran.

    I hope and pray that the bodyguards who fell with him are recovering too.

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