One of the biggest trials in Germany

Source: BBC.Com

She has the sweetest face. Beate Zschaepe smiles gently at the camera as she twirls for the video the police made for their files. She is dressed in a girlish pink top as she performs the required choreography shortly after giving herself up. It is a face of child-like innocence, a young woman who would not hurt a fly.

But is it the face of genuine innocence – or a deceptive face concealing her involvement in the murder of 10 truly innocent people?

Prosecutors have called Beate Zschaepe the country’s most dangerous neo-Nazi. She is accused of helping to murder nine men, all but one of them of Turkish background, and a policewoman.

She is also accused of helping in 28 attempted murders as well as being a member of a terrorist organisation. And she is charged with robbery, causing explosions and arson.


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