Ahmadis are Muslims, so said the Founder of Pakistan


Jinnah’s mausoleum in Karachi, Pakistan

“Ahmadis are Muslims, If They Say They are Muslims and No One, Not Even the Sovereign Legislature, has the Right to Say Otherwise.” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah, 05 May 1944.

“I have been asked a disturbing question, as to who among the Muslims can be a member of the Muslim Conference. It has been asked with particular reference to the Qadianis (Ahmadis). My reply is that, as far as the constitution of the All-India Muslim League is concerned, it stipulates that any Muslim, without distinction of creed or sect, can become a member, provided he accepts the views, policy and programme of the Muslim League, signs the form of membership and pays the subscription. I appeal to the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir not to raise sectarian questions, but instead to unite on one platform under one banner. In this lies the welfare of the Muslims. In this way, not only can Muslims make political and social progress effectively, but so can other communities, and so also can the state of Kashmir as a whole. What right have I to declare a person non-Muslim, when he claims to be a Muslim.” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah, 23rd May, 1944, Srinagar


Tahrik Huriyyat Kashmir (History of Independence Movements in Kashmir), volume 2, 1936 – 1945, page 291)

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  1. A wonderful statement of Jinnah about Ahmadi Muslims. May Allah bless him happy life forever. Amen

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