Islamic Hard-Liners Attack Ahmadiyah Community for Koran Recital

The Jakarta Globe

An Ahmadiyah community in Tasikmalaya, West Java, was left in shambles on Sunday after hundreds of Islamic hard-line group members destroyed homes in their village.

Asep Taufik Ahmad, a member of the Sukamaju village in the Singaparna subdistrict, said some 400 hard-liners from a mass organization stormed the village at 1 p.m. and damaged dozens of houses belonging to followers of a minority sect of Islam, Ahmadiyah.

“It all started with our decision to hold a Koran recital event to commemorate Isra Mi’raj [the birth of prophet Muhammad]. We already informed the local police about our plan,” Asep told the Jakarta Globe on Sunday.


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  1. Allahunmo mazikhim (The prosecutors)kula mumazakin wa saikhim tashiqa.

    Allah will soon deal with these enemies of Islam, that are persecuting a peace loving Ahmadiyya Jama’at, as He dealt with the people of the elephants (ahabul-Fil).Allah will give sucour to the persecuted ones,bless them and give them fortitude and strength to bear all these atrocities being melted to them in the name of Islam.

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