Syria: What would US military intervention look like?

Global Post: As evidence of possible chemical weapons use in Syria mounts, so do the calls for a full-scale military intervention in the now two-year-long conflict that has cost roughly 70,000 lives.

President Barack Obama had said chemical attacks by regime forces on Syrian civilians would constitute a “red line” for his administration in its willingness to intervene against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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The US military is already assisting Syrian rebels through neighboring countries, including sending “non-lethal” assistance (like food, medicine and body armor) but also training opposition fighters in places like Jordan. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the US contingent in Jordan could be a vanguard for a much more substantial troop deployment.

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So what would a direct intervention by US or US-led international troops in Syria actually look like? The Pentagon has released few details of its ongoing contingency planning, including troop numbers and possible units. But here are a few scenarios:


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