Do you even hear Muslims when we condemn violence?

Anyone with a functioning cerebrum could comprehend that these terrorists represent only themselves.

By Qasim Rashid:
It took 9,000 officers, five days, and roughly $1 billion in lost revenue for Boston, but suspect one is dead and suspect two is in custody.
So let me start with the standard roll call: As an American Muslim, I condemn all violence in the name of religion. Terrorism has no religion and Islam is no exception. If the Tsarnaev brothers are guilty of the Boston bombings, then I hope they are brought to justice.
Is that condemnation clear enough? Because I’m pretty sure a whole lot of people instead read blah blah blah blah blah.
Here’s the deal. It is a shame that we had to employ 9,000 officers, put our lives on hold for five days, and sacrifice $1 billion in Boston revenue to catch these culprits. It is a shame that Muslim women were assaulted in retaliation, and that’s even before we knew who the suspects were. And it is a shame I received threats of anti-Muslim violence and that even my non-Muslim but non-white friends called me, fearing for their safety.
And now the public lynching and double standards against Islam begin. Mental illness was the culprit during Newtown, Conn., Oak Creek, Wis., and Aurora, Colo. More than 70 percent of America’s 64 previous mass shooters were white American men. But not one pundit, nor any politician, nor any Muslim has ever asked why White Americans or Christian Americans are not aggressively condemning these acts of terror. After all, why ask such a ludicrous question? Anyone with a functioning cerebrum could comprehend that these terrorists represent only themselves.


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  1. Does every Norwegian feel that he/she has to apologize for the massacre of that one Christian terrorist? No, because, rightly, they do not feel that he has anything to do with them. I feel the same. Why should I need to apologize for any crazy guy, whether he calls himself Muslim or not.

  2. In fact, these so-called Muslims (just because they have a Muslim sounding name), are anything but that.

    No practicing Muslim…., or Christian or Jew or any other religion would be guilty of such killings.

    How come all those other non-Muslim crackpots who have been guilty of other insane killings and behaviours never seem to have a religion despite Christian/Jewish sounding names? It’s only miscreants with Muslim sounding names and especially if they are from a so-called Muslim country, then the whole religion of Islam is at fault!

    How unjust can the media get?

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