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  1. Thanks to Google for restoring the original name of Rabwah town, founded by Hadhrat Musleh Mauood(rzi)in 1948. Some fifteen years ago the the chief minister of Punjab, by the name, may be Shabaz shreef, who tried to please Mullah, adversaries of Ahmadiyy Muslim community, the name of Rabwah was changed, firstly as ‘New Qadian’, but again to further please maulvis,an other new name ‘Chenab Nagar’ was adopted. Let all of us repeat an urdu verse;- Rabwah rahey Ka’aba ki bhrhai ka dua go, Aur Rabwah ko puhnchti rahein Ka’aba ki howaein, Ameen.

  2. I loved to know that.Thank you.
    These Mullahs are so ignorant that Quranic word “Rabwah” holds no respect in their hearts. They chose a self pleasing name for it. Although they have no right and authority to do that.

    yes indeed

    Rabwah rehay K’abah ki baRa’ee kaa dua go
    K’abah ko ponhchati rehaiN Rabwah ki duaaien

  3. By changing the name Rabwah to Chanab Nagar was a clear sign of Government’s involvement and its active role to support extreemism. This was an attampt on their part to curb the voice of Ahmadiyyat but net result is that they themselves are now in trouble and voice of Ahmadiyyat is now much stronger than before. This is a clear sign of the Thuth of Ahmadiyyat.

  4. Both the the people of Pakistan and the Government have been hand in hand while violating the rights of Ahmadiyyah community.
    They have tried their level best to make the lives of Ahmadis hell.But instead of pleasure of Allah they are under the Wrath of Allah.
    Now the whole nation has been deprived of the right to live in peace. May Allah have mercy on them and show them the right path.Amen

  5. It wasn’t actually google that made this change. It was done by users on google mapmaker, which is a website that allows google users to edit maps for Pakistan (as well as most other countries). The whole map of Pakistan was drawn by everyday google users volunteering their efforts for the cause. That is, google never hired anyone to map out Pakistan – we users did it ourselves. We uses our local knowledge to improve the maps.. Anyone with a google account can do so. Just search for “mapmaker,” and log in. New users have their edits approved by more senior users. As more off your edits are approved, fewer and fewer of your edits will require approval since the program begins to “trust” you.

    Pakistanis on Google MapMaker made this change. We in fact also refuse to use the term “jamaat khana” and instead write “masjid” or “mosque” for ahmadi mosques, even though only a very few users are ahmadi. We are purposefully disobeying Anti-Ahmadiya laws in Pakistan.

    the map of Rabwah an chiniott are not very detailed compare to faisalabad and Karachi. Few villages around rabwah are labelled with their names because other uers are not familiar with the area. If you can add detail to the maps at all, you should join and ensure that Rabwah remains Rabwah, and not Chenab Nagar.

  6. I’d also liked to add that it was labelled Rabwah on google maps earlier. A user on google mapmaker changed it to chenab nagar and wrote that he changed the name only because that is the official name according to the government. Few mapmaker users are from the Rabwah region, and so the change went unnoticed for a long time. Once other users saw the change, we reverted the name back to Rabwah.

    With google mapmaker, you can add several names to a feature. Chenab nagar was not removed from the city on google, but was instead labeled as an “obscure” name for the city. Rabwah was changed back to “primary, local, official,” which is why you can type in chenab nagar and still find Rabwah… The name chenab nagar is still listed as a name for Rabwah, but as an obscure name, so it isn’t displayed in place of rabwah anymore. If you type in “lyallpur,” the map of faisalabad is shown for the same reason

    While I’m not ahmadi, I will do my best to ensure that the city’s name is never ever displayed as Chenab nagar ever again. Me and the other fellow senior users are all in accord with keeping the name Rabwah from now on.

    • Dear Rizwan: may Allah reward you and your fellow editors for this. It is indeed very courageous of you to have done this. The word Rabwah also is a Quranic word. Keep up the good work.

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