‘Fundamentalism’ has nothing to do with Islam or Hinduism’

Source: The Times of India, by Bruce Lawrence.

HYDERABAD: Eminent scholar Bruce Lawrencesaid that the word ‘fundamentalism’ does not fit Islam and Hinduism as both religions were not fundamentalist in nature and that the verses of the Quran have been taken out of context by radical groups to further their agenda.

Addressing a gathering of media persons at the US Consulate, Professor Lawrence said, “Islam became political before being identified with terrorism. Where does Islam become a part of a political project. The public awareness of Islam has tended to overshadow the spiritual use of Islam,” he noted.


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  1. Quite after Mohammeds death and already while he was living half of the world was conquered in the Jihad wheras christinity spread the first centuries peaceful and only later in contradiction to Jesus` teachings became violent. If Jihad is not a political aspect then nothing on earth is political.

  2. Tarkan: Please read Muslim Times and the links provided. Then make your false assertions against Islam.

    Islam has never been spread by the sword. If this was so, then, half the world by now would would have reverted back to what it was previously following – in this day of freedom of conscience.

    In fact, right the opposite is the case. Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion despite the propaganda of the Western nations regarding ‘Islamic’ terrorists.

    And during the time of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), nobody was going around converting anybody else to Islam at the point of the sword. Please read up on Islamic history.

    Re Chritianity – this is another subject altogether. Jesus (peace be upon him), was never sent to the whole world. He was sent to bring the Jews back to the Mosaic law and only for them. It’s St. Paul who started preaching Jesus’s message to the gentiles and distorted the whole thing.

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