President Ernest Bai Koroma commends the Ahmadiyya Mission in Sierra Leone for exemplifying Islamic values for education, peace and tolerance since its establishment

Source: SLBC

prezoPresident Ernest Bai Koroma has commended the Ahmadiyya Mission in Sierra Leone for exemplifying Islamic values for education, peace and tolerance since its establishment.

President Koroma was speaking at the fifty second Jalsa Salana Annual conference of the Ahmadiyya Mission in Sierra Leone.


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  1. In African continent live true leaders who have the courage and honesty to praise some one doing good job. Such open and fair attitude is seldom seen in Asia, Europe, Australia and America. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is contributing a lot to achieve love, peace and uplift of societal values through out the globe. Well done President you recognized it open heartedly. God bless you and enable other world leaders also to follow your footsteps.

  2. This post reminds this scribe that the true leadership of a nation are like the parents of a family. Just as a mother and father treat their children alike without making any differentiation,
    similarly that nation is fortunate one if its leaders treat all of its citizens on the basis of equality and fairness in every respect with none of any sort of animosity or illwill towards any member of society or community. In this connection, the nation and the people of the West African state of Sierra Leone are really very fortunate that their leaders serve them like the loving parents who do not make any distinction amongst their children and treat all alike.In this connection, In this connection I express my deep sense of gratitude and appreciation of the lofty character and practice of participation and attending the 52nd Jalsa Salana of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of the beautiful country of Sierra Leone and eulogising the selfless services of the Ahmadiyyas in the fields of education, health and social up-lift programs of Shoba Khidmat-e-Khalq activities, by the grace of God. Let us hope and pray that these finest worth-emulating characteristics of the people and the rulers of the state of Sierra Leone are also adopted and practiced by the people and paternal, parent-like, rulers of the other states, too, which will surely usher in a new era of mutual social help with honor and respect of all for all and of hope, hospitality, peace,prosperity and stability in and around, everywhere in society, by the grace of God Almighty.Ameen.

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