Petition admitted: SC to hear Qadri petition on Feb 11

Source: ET

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has decided to take up a petition that questions how the members of the Election Commission of Pakistan were chosen.

The petition filed by the Minhajul Quran International (MQI) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri on Thursday requested the court to immediately reconstitute the commission just weeks before the dissolution of the assemblies.

The cleric’s argument hinges on Articles 213 and 218 of the Constitution which refers to how the commission is created. It should consist of five members; including a chief election commissioner. Dr Qadri, however, maintains that the appointments of the members of the commission are invalid.


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  1. Earlier also it was pointed out, the “Sheikhul Islam” is working on the agenda of some one else. Either get the care taker PM of own choice or the elections be delayed till the US and NATO forces get favourable exit terms in 2014. IK also knows it and has joined this agenda of some one else. Likely ruling by SC either to dissolve or re constitute the current EC also favourable to President Zardari as he is considered better choice to US interests rather than some one new. An urgent entertainment of petition and its hearing with in couple of days by SC points to the same target of getting such a situation where current troika can prevail for an other year or so.

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