PAKISTAN: Religious extremists attempt to create a bloodbath in Sindh province by the use of false blasphemy charges against Shiites

Asian Human Rights Commission: Though the police have exonerated all five persons falsely accused of committing blasphemy they have failed to take any actions for their protection. This is particularly important as no action whatsoever has been taken against their accusers who are members of the militant Ahle Sunnat Waljamat. Regrettably this is another example of the policy of appeasement of the government towards religious fundamentalists who want to mold society to their way of thinking. It is likely that in the coming days, weeks and months Shia places of worship will come under attack and many people will be killed in unnecessary and unprecedented sectarian strife:


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  1. I am no expert in criminal law, Islamic or otherwise, but if I recall correctly ‘fornication’ should be punished by 100 lashes. ‘false accusation of fornication’ should be punished by 50 lashes.

    Equally therefore ‘false accusation of blasphemy’ should also be punishable. Half a death penalty may be?

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