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  1. Aslamo-e-Aliakum Wr Wb.

    Whilst I logged in to this website today I have seen his name at the top and without reading the entire “title of the story” I knew It’s something fishy he should have done, well – What you can expect from a person like Nawaz Sharif, whose entire’ life has been revolving around money, no matter how they get, these money and power hungry freaks has has promoted with what we call “terrorism”

    They will meet anyone for their own profits, It is really interesting with how they can expect to be the next team lead of the country when they are meeting such jihadi’s openly?

    Well but again – these corrupt leaders of Pakistan can do all bad deeds throughout their tenure and get ellected again, it is funny, is not it? No it is not funny, it’s the dumbest ever locals which vote these people again and the one’s that do not vote for these power hungry freaks are beaten to death

    Meeting a notorious man like him? Now none will expect a good thing coming outta it, meeting one of the world’s most notorious man on earth and in Pakistan, they might be thinking of improving Islam’s situation in Pakistan, well, Perhaps? Or using the “Islam” name in order to win election? well, why not, no matter what, we need the team lead….

    Plus, we will promote your terrorism across the nation if you get your jihadi’s get us vote, let’s build a platform and ruin this country’s entire reputation, well, do they really have a reputation? I doubt that

    A Non Ahmadi friend have been talking to me some days ago and said: as a Non Ahmadi he came to know the reality with how bad our Ahmadi brothers and sisters are being tortured,

    he said, I have met thousands of Ahmadi’s throughout my life and I have never liked them, during lunch or official dinners i would not even sit with an Ahmadi, and even I would not even speak with an Ahmadi, but now I have seen so much, I have seen a lot, you guys remained patient, you guys remained humble, and you really represent the true Islam – I feel so bad deep inside my heart for doing bad and being so bad

    For all we see, we would soon InshAllah see the fruits of it.

    There is a saying in Urdu:

    “Nawaz sharif jaisa insan tu apna bukhar b kisi ko na day” Guess there is something really big taking place, May Allah keep everyone safe in Pakistan and this nation

    My best wishes

    Luqman Qadir

  2. When Allah decide to distroy a nation He appoint the worst rullers on them. They do
    bad things without fear. These rullers in centre or punjab or other provinces they are best example of Worst rullers. They are doing all kind of evils without fear.

  3. M Ahmad how true you are. Nation leading to its total disintegration if does not realise its mistakes.

  4. Birds of a feather flock together. They are literate
    ignorants. With very limited vision.
    Two wrongs put together cannot make one right.

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