New Documentary on Dr Abdus Salam

watch this 6 minute fundraising teaser released January 29, 2013, for Salam’s birth anniversary:

Please donate generously to complete this documentary.

visit :

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  1. Even the short clip brought tears to my eyes, what a great but humble man, true to his faith & country! His story should be available to every child in the Third World, how they can excell in science & education by following his example.
    What is the best way of donating to this project?

  2. I salute this great man from the depth of my heart and soul.He was and is pride of Nation and pride for Jama’at. A true hero.
    May Allah exalt his status in heavens. Amen

  3. salam…,
    im a lazy Engineering student… but after watching this short clip it made me realize how important it is to excel in life….,moreover that i shouldn’t waste time…

    may god grant you with all the support needed to finish this project without any problems….amen

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