Day: January 20, 2013

Video: Q&A with Khalifa of Islam: Pakistan’s Future, Tahir-ul-Qadri, Third World War and More!!

Source: MTA: Youtube: Published on Jan 20, 2013: Starting about 45 minutes into the class Huzoor starts answering very interesting questions. Several questions about Pakistan are answered. Video is in Urdu unfortunately with regrets to our English audience. An educational class with Huzoor and students from Jamia Ahmadiyya UK. Recorded on […]

Muslims for Peace

Huff Post: Kelly James Clark. We can attract more Muslims to the side of justice, peace, and liberty when our majority Christian nation genuinely seeks a world with liberty and justice for all. Noting the behaviors of some Muslims in Muslim-majority countries might leave the impression that most Muslims and […]

Spiritual but Not Religious?

Huff Post: Michael P. Murphy. The word “religion” finds its root in religio, which means “to bind.” And herein lies the main point: we like being “spiritual” because the concept, as we perceive it, makes no claim upon us. It binds us to nothing — or at least nothing communal, confessional […]

Govt used Nawaz as scarecrow to tame Qadri

Source: Dawn.Com. ISLAMABAD: Negotiations with Dr Tahirul Qadri were long and tedious but those who conducted them were firm on what they would concede and where they would adopt a tough stance. Background interviews with the participants of Thursday’s talks reveal that the leaders of government-allied political parties had ensured […]