Obey the Holy Prophet and try to become his like-Saying of the Promised Messiah(a.s)

The Promised Messiah

“To be a Muslim is not a child’s play. It requires complete submission in every thing to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Do not take it cursorily. It is a matter worth deep consideration. Do not feel complacent until you obey the Holy Prophet completely. If you call yourself a Muslim without doing so, you have only a shell without the kernel. A wise man will not be happy with a shell only nor on bearing an empty name. In old times a Muslim in name tried to convert a Jew to Islam. The latter chided him for rejoicing on outward from devoid of inner reality. He said, “What is there in a name? I named my son Khalid, after the name of the famous Muslim conqueror who lived long and won brilliant victories for Islam. But before it was evening I had to bury my child.” So do not be happy with mere names. Seek instead the inner reality. What a shame! You profess to follow the Holy Prophet,!  the greatest of all Prophets, yet you live like kafirs. So live your life like the Holy Prophet and frame your mind like him. If you do not do so you are following Satan. It is easy to understand that the object of man’s life should be to become the beloved of God Almighty. Until a man becomes so, he has not succeeded in life. But this object is not attained until you obey the Holy Prophet truly. The Holy Prophet has shown by his conduct the real significance of Islam. So follow that Islam if you want to become the beloved of God.”


(Al-Hakam, January 24, 1901)

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