Day: January 30, 2013

Christian-Muslim Whack Jobs and Work for the Common Good

Patheos:  Paul Louis Metzger. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has developed an initiative titled Muslims for Peace. While persecuted by other Muslim groups as heretical given their claim that Jesus has already returned metaphorically through the founder of their movement, and while Christians may find their peaceable posture inconsistent with Islam as they perceive […]


Timbuktu, Islam’s Ancient Seat Of Learning, Loses Priceless Manuscripts (PHOTOS) By KRISTA LARSON and MICHELLE FAUL 01/29/13 12:11 PM ET EST Al Qaeda, Islam, Scripture Commentary, Ahmed Baba Institute, Radical Islam, Timbuktu Manuscripts, Ancient Islam, Islamists, Mali, Quran, Scripture Study, Timbuktu, Religion News  SEVARE, Mali — Timbuktu, the fabled desert city where retreating Muslim extremists destroyed ancient manuscripts, was a center of Islamic […]