Maulana Qadri was receiving welfare in Canada January 30, 2013

Lahore daily newspaper Express has reported on the front page that Maulana Tahir ul Qadri welfare file has been closed. as of 5th December 2012, a copy of the letter sent to Abdul Shakoor (also known as Tahir Qadri) from City of Toronto, employment social services states: “your Ontario workers welfare file has been closed due to your visit to Pakistan. You are no longer eligible for assistance because you were no longer a resident of Ontario”. when the reporter contact Canadian embassy in Pakistan, they confirmed Qadri date of birth 19th February 1951, since he hold the dual nationality he has the right to protest. However we are preparing a file containing his interviews and meetings.

3 replies

  1. We should first contact the accused and find out his defense. This is one sided bigotry .
    Why do you give room for such unfounded news.Its pathetic. Its not Ahmadiyya traditions.

    Even if Tahir ul Qadari misuded the system , what does it benefit to Muslim Times ?

    How Tahir Qadari can resort to social assissstance while he has millions of dollar royality and personal assets.

    Do Ahmady office bearer go to welfare? if they do? how do you justify?

    • Just a remark to Anees’s last sentence. Ahmadis (whether office bearers or not) should definitely be honest when claiming welfare and claim it only when they are fully entitled to it. Honesty should be the trademark of any member of the Jama’at!!!

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