Video: Dr Abdus Salam receiving his Nobel Prize in 1979

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Dr Abdus Salam winning his Nobel Prize in 1979

This video contains rare footage of an Ahmadi Muslim being awarded the Nobel Prize in the year 1979 for his work in Physics. Dr. Abdus Salam is also the first ever Muslim to have achieved this honour. His achievement was a fulfillment of the prophecy of the Promised Messiah (as) that his followers will excel others in the fields of knowledge and wisdom. He indeed excelled all others by becoming the first ever Muslim nobel laureate with the grace and mercy of Allah Almighty.

The whole life of this great man is a role model for everyone. He always said that he got the inspiration of his scientific work from the teachings of Holy Quran. He was true believer in the existence of God and always said there is no contradiction in the word of God and the work of God.

He had said:

“Seven hundred and fifty verses of the Holy Qur’an – (almost one eighth of the Book) – exhorts the believers to study Nature, to reflect, to make the best use of reason in their search for the ultimate and to make the acquiring of knowledge and scientific comprehension part of the community’s life.”

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Some memorable pictures of his…

His Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize being awarded

Meeting with Hadhrat Khalifatul Maseeh III r.a.

Meeting with Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV r.a.

Meeting with Pope John Paul II

With the Queen


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  1. Nice presentation of rare photographs and video. Surely, Dr. Abdus Salam should be the role model for all Muslim students. He worked in physics in the light of Holy Quran. His book COSMIC ANGER which is available in internet, reading which we can understand how deeply he have studied physics in the light of the Holy Quran. May Allah make more and more Abdus Salam in the Muslim world. Ameen

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