Christian-Muslim Whack Jobs and Work for the Common Good

Patheos:  Paul Louis Metzger.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has developed an initiative titled Muslims for Peace. While persecuted by other Muslim groups as heretical given their claim that Jesus has already returned metaphorically through the founder of their movement, and while Christians may find their peaceable posture inconsistent with Islam as they perceive it, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community sees itself as an orthodox Muslim tradition due to their adherence to all pillars of Islam.

Christianity is not one-dimensional or monolithic. Nor is Islam. I don’t like it when all Christians are lumped into one category. For example, Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants differ on substantial points concerning Christianity. While many Christians will acknowledge that there are different Muslim communities (such as the Sunnis and Shiites), they may not be willing to account for differences concerning how various Muslims live. For example, given how the news media and Hollywood at times portray Muslims as hostile and violent people, and given certain events from history, we may tend to think that the Muslim tradition or Islamic beliefs lead to violence. Some critics of Christianity make the same assessment of our religion: Christianity at its core is destructive and fosters hatred and intolerance of those outside the camp.


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  1. Thank you, TMT!!
    A great article with deep insight, “look for good not for bad”. I hope this approach makes more people think.
    May Allah give strength to the Jamaat for showing the beautiful face of Islam, Ameen.

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