Majority of Turks against EU membership: Survey

A new survey suggests that the majority of individuals in Turkey believe the government should abandon efforts for a full membership in the European Union.
The poll, conducted by TNS Turkey organization on behalf of the Center for Economy and Foreign Policy Research (EDAM), was based on interviews with 1,509 people aged 18 and above.

The results of the study showed that two thirds of Turkish people are apathetic about the EU bid.

However, only one third of the questioned people thought Turkey should join the European Union.

The participants, who were asked on the 50th anniversary of EU-Turkey relations, also had different opinions on the relations between Ankara and the European Union.

Almost 20 percent of the individuals considered a new relationship with the EU based on common interests.

Meanwhile, over 50 percent of the questioned people supported the relation, while one quarter of people rejected any relationship.

Turkey has been able to fully complete only one of the 35 chapters in the policy areas of the EU law, to which it is required to reconcile its standards. Eighteen chapters have been frozen because of opposition on the part of EU member states, including Cyprus and France.

Turkey must first successfully complete negotiations with the European Commission on each of the chapters of the acquis communautaire, comprised of the accumulated legislation, legal acts, and court decisions, which constitute the body of the EU law. Afterwards, the member states must unanimously agree on granting the membership.


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  1. Am I surprise the begging can end in Turkey. Finally the very European minded Turks dejected in their cause. Come back to your Muslim brothers or form a union with Israel.

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