European Union

Can Liberalism tolerate Islam? by Abdul Hakim Murad: Must one be liberal to belong to the West? For all the polite multiculturalist denials, this question is being put to us more and more insistently. The European Union, as it struggles to articulate a common cultural as well as economic vision, regularly toys with […]

Cameron Succumbs to Growing Europhobia

Source: The Spiegel By Christoph Scheuermann REUTERS Cameron speaks on the BBC’s ‘Andrew Marr Show’ on Sunday. Britain’s right-wing conservative movement is making life difficult for Prime Minister David Cameron. The UK Independence Party wants to lead the country out of the EU, and its approval ratings are higher than […]

Europe in 2013: A Year of Decision

Source: Stratfor. By George Friedman The end of the year always prompts questions about what the most important issue of the next year may be. It’s a simplistic question, since every year sees many things happen and for each of us a different one might be important. But it is […]

5bn-euro EU aid package boosts Egypt

ARAB NEWS .CAIRO: The European Union has approved a 5.0 billion euro financial aid package to Egypt after its economy was battered by a 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak, the presidency said yesterday. The European Investment Bank will grant Egypt 2.0 billion euros and the European Bank for Reconstruction […]