Expansions of the Prophet’s Mosque and Kaaba – Will they Care ?

This is not going to be “The First Time” of expanding the Holy Mosque. Truth is that this Mosque has been subjected to expansions, changes and alterations in its LAND AREA, STRUCTURAL FACILITIES and ARCHITECTURAL FORMATS throughout its history.

The present day structure {as it stands today prior to any further changes) has evolved out of a series of changes undertaken since 1932;

1. After the fall of Ottoman Caliphate (with the indulgence of Lord Lawrence – “Lawrence of Arabia”);
2. Expulsion of Banu Hashim (the progeny of the Holy Prophet saw) from Mecca – Sharif of Mecca Hussein bi Ali was the last ruler of Hijaz area including Mecca and Madina;
3. Sub-division of the Arabian Peninsula into the following:-

• “Kingdom” of Jordan
• “Kingdom” of Iraq and Syria
• “Kingdom” of Saudi Arabia
• “Emirates” of Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar
• “Protectorates” and later on “Trucial States” of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras-Alkheima and Umal Quwain

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded by King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud based upon the “Salafi Doctrine” and “Wahabbi Movement” of Maulana Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahab Najdi; and a whole new era of “Religious Practices” was staunchly ushered into the “State Governance”.

At the same time, new means of transportation were developed and “Haj” – the journey of pilgrimage became easier than ever before; attracting huge number of pilgrims to Mecca and Madina, increasing by every year.

Thus, the infrastructure(s) at both the Holy places required “eminent expansions” that are enlarging (constantly) every year.

Expansions to facilitate the “pilgrims” is A NOBLE IDEA – and Saudi State with its affluent Petro-Dollars had all the resource to undertake the Magnificent Expansion(s) but all those majestic expansions have ALREADY caused the following (at the very least):-

1. The dwelling place (Homestead) of the Holy Prophet saw (wherein He lived his daily routines – from wash basin to toiletries, raised his family, accommodated relatives and friends, received state delegations and emissaries, held consultations, offered His prayers, looked after His neighborhood chores; and every other aspect of His worldly life) DOES NO MORE EXIST.

2. The Madina Grave Yard named Jannat-ul-Baqie wherein a big majority of His siblings and Companions were laid to rest DOES NO MORE EXIST in any identifiable shape.

3. The homesteads of the Caliphs and the house of Abu Ayub Ansari ra; where He lived as a GUEST – DOES NO MORE EXIST.

4. There is probably No Significant Structure existing that may satiate the quest of a historian to show; the emoluments of the Holy Prophet saw.

It is pitiful that anyone visiting a Byzantine Castle, a Spanish Basilica or a Moghul Fort CAN see how did the King live or how articulate his mannerism was or how discrete was his harem or how modest was his bathroom fitted with the cold and hot faucets – but None for the Holy Prophet saw and His Siblings and His Companions.

What did they do to Kaaba is still another story.

Can anyone find the homestead of Abu Jahl. Yes, he was the worst of the enemies of the Holy Prophet saw. Yes, his homestead would have shown the DIFFERENTIAL of his arrogant ways in comparison to the modesty of the Holy Prophet saw.

Do the houses of Hashmites exist anymore.

Where is the house of Umme Hani ra; wherein the Holy Prophet saw dwelled after Fall of Mecca and earlier in the night of Mieraj (journey to heavens).

Can someone locate Dare Arqam – the first religious school established by the Holy Prophet saw.

Saudis in the whale of their rigid beliefs did not care about these before, will they now ?

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