Offering Option in Ballot Paper:Election 2013

Source and written by Yasmeen Ali

Honourable Justice (Retd.) Mr. Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim
Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan
Your Honor,
As a concerned Pakistani citizen,also a lawyer by profession I feel, our ballot paper do not allow the masses to exercise the right to vote in its true spirit.We see the same ‘electable’ the same faces,the same names. Time has refused to weed out such elements . I therefore suggest, addition of another icon/slot to choose by voters.It should be:NONE OF THE ABOVE. A straight 50% of votes caste on NONE OF THE ABOVE option, should disqualify contestants from that particular constituency for 10 years, confiscate their security,parties must put up new candidates for the constituency,elections to be held on another date with new candidates.
I believe, employing this codicil will go a long way in choosing representatives, in the spirit of the Constitution.
Yasmeen Ali
The writer is author of “A Comparative Analysis of Media & Media Laws in Pakistan”.

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  1. The same, if possible, should be applied to Kenya where we have a similar problem of ‘recycled’ politicians whom very few would like to be re-elected.

    But, since there is no other better choice, they keep getting ‘elected’ to office every 5 years doing nothing other than pocketing the tax-payers hard earned money!

    So, if there was the above mentioned alternative, we could at least, ‘vote’ them OUT!!!

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